Ace Team


ACE Team is an entertainment software developer based in Santiago, Chile. Our company is committed to making unique games that will stand out for their originality and quality.


In the expanding industry of PC and console gaming throughout the globe, ACE Team is aimed to be among the top independent game developers. Our high quality work, previous experience making games and involvement with AAA game engines distinguishes us as a leading developer of Latin America in mainstream games.


Game development is quickly expanding to new continents and Latin America is not staying behind. Because we are an independent studio and because of the competitive advantages of developing from the region, ACE Team can explore new concepts, take risks and deliver a new perspective in games.


ACE Team is the developer behind the multi-awarded and ‘PC Gamer’ Independent game of the Year: Zeno Clash. The progress in global communications and digital distribution enable us to place our games in the global market. Our games are targeted to the hardcore gaming groups that thrive on appealing visuals, engaging game mechanics and a deep/complex background story. Our company seeks to deliver quality work in all these areas.